Diversity in Clinical Trials Benefits Everyone

by Patty Martin Vice President, Global Diversity Eli Lilly and Company As scientific technology improves, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are differences in patient outcomes based on a variety of factors, such as genetics, environment, race or ethnicity, and cultural differences. These differences contribute to the fact that medicines do not always work… Read the full article

Inclusive Leadership in a New Era

by L. Mecole Brown Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Wal-Mart Stores, U.S. Diversity is built on a tradition of strong leaders—a spirit that guides us today to break new ground, meet challenges head-on, and propel to the next level of excellence. It is a time to celebrate our accomplishments—and a time to develop a… Read the full article

Media, Diversity, and Negative Perceptions and Assumptions

by Linda Jimenez Chief Diversity Officer and Staff Vice President—Diversity & Inclusion WellPoint, Inc. In the past 50 years, as technology has made tremendous advancements, the power of the media has also gained increased influence as more individuals are able to access real time information with greater rapidity. Increasingly, we live in a society dependent… Read the full article

Driving Sales Through Diversity

by Steve Medina Brand Manager MillerCoors, U.S. Hispanic Sales To be successful in business, companies not only need to provide quality service to their customer base, but ultimately they need to truly connect with their customers. MillerCoors is focused on building a workforce and supplier base that represents the diverse ethnic and gender groups that… Read the full article

Dealing with Diverse Customers and Clients

American Airlines constantly competes to earn the business and loyalty of its passengers and clients. In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that we at American Airlines not only embrace the diversity of our customers and clients, but of our own team and the world around us.

Diversity, Innovation and Business Growth

By Jeanne De Amicis Stitt Vice President, Marketing UnitedHealthcare In order to secure resources to better focus on the multicultural marketplace, a company must show quantifiable return on investment. It is more than fostering a diverse work force and adapting to diverse and changing market demographics. During annual and quarterly resource allocation and priority processes,… Read the full article

Are Your Leaders Ready to Champion Diversity and Inclusion?

We talk a lot about the necessity for business managers to “take ownership” of diversity and inclusion efforts. But we often fail to give them the support we routinely provide to managers filling other crucial roles in the business.

Corporate Diversity Training: Is Yours Meeting 21st Century Needs?

Diversity training is evolving. Dr. Marie Philippe explains how organizations can capitalize on it.

The Future of Diversity Training

By Linda Jimenez Chief Diversity Officer and Staff VP – Diversity & Inclusion WellPoint, Inc. I’ve been a diversity practitioner for 13+ years and have been involved in some aspect of diversity training within each industry in which I’ve worked—property and casualty insurance, grocery retail, pharmaceutical, hospitality and healthcare. Following the inauguration of our first… Read the full article

Kathy Hopinkah Hannan – KPMG

Kathy Hopinkah Hannan Title: National Managing Partner, Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Company: KPMG LLP Corporate Headquarters: New York City, NY Website: www.us.kpmg.com Primary Business: Audit, tax and advisory services Employees: 21,000 (US) Vision of the Future What diversity and inclusion challenges remain today? One of the challenges facing diversity and inclusion will continue to be… Read the full article