Women in tech reveal the biggest challenges they face

By Lori Österholm While ‘being taken seriously due to gender perception’ remains the biggest challenge women in tech face, there has been a 14.6% decrease in women experiencing this issue (2018 to 2019.) 27.1% of women in tech said the ‘glass ceiling’ is worse now than ever before. ‘Equal pay and benefits’ is what 63.7%… Read the full article

8 Top Tips for Talking to the C-Suite about Inclusion and Diversity

By Angela Peacock, CEO of worldwide diversity and inclusion training consultancy PDT Global Executive-level buy-in is crucial if inclusion and diversity initiatives are to flourish within an organisation. Top-down support is invaluable – but getting the ear of senior executives can be easier said than done. So I’ve put together my 8 top tips for… Read the full article

Overconfidence, the Pitfall of Programming and Policy

By Amanda J Felkey, PhD To date, companies have relied heavily on programming—speakers, workshops, and training sessions—to raise awareness about diversity and enhance inclusion in their workplaces. The Society of Human Resource Management reports that diversity department budgets, among companies in the Fortune 1000, range from $30,000 to $5.1 million, with an average of $1.5… Read the full article

Doing DEI Better in the Workplace

By Dr. MarYam Hamedani, Dr. Hazel Rose Markus, and Dr. Paula Moya Organizations today are grappling with how to put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into practice successfully. Many Fortune 500 companies now have dedicated chief diversity officers, who are charged with implementing DEI strategies. In other organizations, human resource teams are increasingly hiring DEI… Read the full article

Diversity and Inclusion in Retail

By Ian Johnston, Founder of Quinine The impact of diversity and inclusion on your physical store strategy Driven by a shift in consumers’ expectations, Diversity and Inclusion are becoming increasingly more important for businesses globally. Does it really matter that this is a response to commercial pressure or a higher moral duty? What matters is… Read the full article

Diversity and Inclusion Learnings from My 24 Years at BP

By Tyrone Mitchell, Diversity and Inclusion Manager I started working at BP 24 years ago, after studying mechanical engineering at Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, DC. Since then, I‘ve gained a lot of experience in various roles: working as a unit engineer at the Yorktown Refinery in Virginia; an Operations Superintendent at… Read the full article

Overcoming Unconscious Bias within Organizations

By Jennifer Brown and Gemma Toner Unconscious biases are often based on mistaken, inaccurate, or incomplete information. They can have a significant impact on workplaces, shaping who gets recruited, hired, and promoted. Now, more than ever, creating an inclusive workplace environment is required for employees to reach their full potential and for organizations to succeed.… Read the full article

Key to Economic Recovery—Avoiding a Mindset Crisis

By Amanda J Felkey, PhD Our positive or negative outlook is going to determine whether our economy recovers, or we end up worse off after COVID-19. Using what we know from psychology and economics to deliberately combat a mindset crisis that could accompany this pandemic is just as important as stimulus packages, adjusting interest rates,… Read the full article

Flex Your Empathy Muscles While You Wash Your Hands

By Amanda J Felkey, PhD COVID-19 has understandably heightened our attention to health and safety. We have all gotten the message to wash our hands more and keep our distance in public places. While the health effects of this pandemic are readily apparent, there are several ways COVID-19 could naturally chip away at our ability… Read the full article

Why Women Are Underrepresented at the Top, and What Companies Can Do About It

By John Hackston At the start of 2020, there were more CEOs of S&P100 companies named John than there were women CEOS, and there were more directors named John, or Robert, or William, or James than all the women directors of these companies. In 2019, there were 33 female CEOS in the Fortune 500, the… Read the full article