Lance A. Lavergne, New York Life Insurance Company
Lance Lavergne Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Headquarters: New York City Web site: www.newyorklife.com Primary Business: The largest mutual life insurance company in the United States Employees: 8,830 (domestic) as of January 1, 2009 Who in your family had the most impact on your success? One of the... Read more
Executive Vice President, Community Affairs & Economic Development What is your definition of leadership? I believe that leaders emerge from many diverse backgrounds, sets of circumstances, and for varied purposes. The commonalities they all possess, however, include the vision to see what needs to happen to reach a goal,... Read more
Division Vice President, Facility Solutions, Sodexo Health Care Divison What is your definition of leadership? My definition is centered on creativity. Creating an atmosphere for my team to excel is my ultimate goal. The right environment ensures that my entire team is aligned and focused on achieving sustainable results.... Read more
Vice President, Pharmacy Solutions What is your definition of leadership? Leadership is the ability to create and maintain an environment that enables others and/or processes to achieve their maximum potential in a given effort or common cause. Leadership is tangible, measurable and can be cultivated. Many corporations have patterned... Read more
by Pamela Arnonld President American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc. For more than a quarter of a century, the American Institute for Managing Diversity (AIMD) has been involved in leading, guiding, and partnering with companies, academia, and community organizations to advance the field of diversity. Many of the inquiries... Read more
by Marie Y. Philippe, Ph.D Corporate Vice President, Culture and Organizational Effectiveness The Lifetime Healthcare Companies “Sorry, this could have been a real promotional opportunity for you if only you had supervised others before.” Sound familiar? You can replace “promotion” by “new job” and “supervised others” by “developed a... Read more
by Jolene Jacobs Human Resources Director Sparrow Clinton Hospital Following Sparrow’s Lead, Sparrow Clinton Hospital (SCH) embarked on its own diversity journey in May 2008, led by SCH Human Resources Director Jolene Jacobs. From the beginning, Jacobs understood that the first step to performance improvement efforts was to have... Read more
by Michael L. Wheeler Chief Executive Officer OEStrategies, Inc. Diversity is the most important performance factor of the 21st century. As a global demographic business fact, it matters at every business interface—in the marketplace, the talent pool, across global operations, and within our communities. It matters in how we... Read more
by Melanie Harrington, President Pamela Arnold, President-Elect American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc. In the Last decade, there has been considerable information shared about the four generations in the workplace, with a growing body of literature amassing on the youngest of the working generations, due in part to the... Read more
by Gerry Murphy President SunGuard Brokerage & Clearance Americans are concerned about how globalization will impact the prosperity of the United States. They are leery of global competition for jobs and the offshoring of some U.S. jobs to other countries. While I can understand why some would be threatened... Read more