Verizon’s desire is to effectively promote our great products and services in a way that appeals to our multicultural consumers, providing them access to the best in entertainment, internet and voice service.

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Executive Director, Customer Development Marketing Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. How does your organization use ethnic insights to drive growth? We conduct extensive studies of different customer segments to try to understand not only how they may differ from each other, but, more importantly, what are the key attributes that... Read more
Multicultural Marketing Manager Ford Motor Company Multicultural marketing is a key component of our plan to drive sales and market share. How does your organization use ethnic insights to drive growth? The insights we gather are included in our strategic and tactical planning. it is a part of the... Read more

As Vice President of Human Resources for KBR, managing global diversity is what I do each day. Being from the U.K., I bring, perhaps, a unique perspective to my work, having been in Houston at KBR’s corporate headquarters for just over a year now.

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by Victoria Jones, DM Diversity Officer Vice President Apollo Group, Inc. The Problem Educating a workforce on principles related to diversity and inclusion when there are limited training resources available. The Solution Diversity and inclusion represents a competitive advantage for apollo group. It reflects the essence of our innovation,... Read more
by Sherry Snipes Director, Diversity & Inclusion The American Institute of Architects In today’s ever changing world, diversity and inclusion have become important elements of many recruitment and workplace inclusion strategic plans. While workplace diversity and recruiting remain important, think about the diversity of your organization’s clients, customers, and... Read more
by Tom Ostrander Vice President, Human Resources Sparrow Hospital & Health System An important aspect of organizational management is learning to stay the course in tough economic times. In the healthcare industry, we are privileged to manage and engage a diverse workforce, provide exceptional health care service to diverse... Read more
by Ana Duarte-McCarthy Chief Diversity Officer CITIGROUP When I was yonger and first entering the workforce in the early ’80s, the book Games Mother Never Taught You, by Betty Lehan Harragan, grabbed my attention in its discussion of how young girls, not familiar with playing games to win, carried... Read more
by Robert Powers Senior Vice President, Human Resources Textron Systems Corporation Recruiting and retaining the best talent is a business imperative setting up a tug-of-war in which companies target the same finite resources to fill key positions. This is particularly true in the defense industry, where Textron Systems is... Read more
by Tisa Jackson Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Union Bank, N.A. Most organizations know that, for the first time in history, we have four generations in the U.S. workforce, which means you might see everyone from 20-something Millennials to Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and seasoned Veterans working side-by-side.... Read more