Profiles in Diversity Journal 2022 Diverse Organizations Worth Watching International Award


Profiles in Diversity Journal is pleased to recognize business, nonprofit, educational, government, and other organizations for whom diversity, inclusion, and equity are part of their DNA and front and center in every decision made, with its second annual Diverse Organizations Worth Watching Award.

The organizations that PDJ will honor with this Award live by the values of inclusivity, fairness, and mutual understanding, and they refuse to rest on their diversity laurels. These organizations continually ask for input from their diversity teams and their employees, evaluate best practices in use by other organizations and incorporate the best of them, and examine the biases, behaviors, and attitudes that may be standing in the way of creating and growing a truly inclusive workplace.

They boldly pursue greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in recruiting and hiring, growth and promotion, and overall development for every person in the organization—from entry-level new hires to C-suite executives and board members. They also scrupulously measure and evaluate their progress. Our Award recipients are also committed to achieving greater supplier diversity and support diversity, inclusion, and equity in their communities.

For more than two decades, Profiles in Diversity Journal has been in the business of recognizing organizations, individuals, and initiatives that support the success of diverse workforces around the world. The organizations we recognize and celebrate with our 2nd Annual Diverse Organizations Worth Watching Award will be unrelenting in their efforts to improve and expand diversity, inclusion, and equity at work. We look forward to honoring your organization and sharing your insights, best practices, cultural understanding, and wisdom with our readers.

We welcome your submission* and hope to see you among our second class of Diverse Organizations Worth Watching!

James Rector
Profiles in Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Diverse Organizations Worth Watching Award

*Organizations may reapply each year for the Diverse Organizations Worth Watching Award.

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Submitted nomination and fee must be received by September 16, 2022

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