Emerging Leaders Award

Profiles in Diversity Journal 2024 Emerging Leaders Award

A Message from Our Founder and Publisher

As the founder and publisher of Profiles in Diversity Journal®, I have had the honor of recognizing and celebrating diverse leaders for over 26 years. Our mission has always been to highlight individuals who make significant contributions to their organizations and communities. Today, we are proud to introduce the Emerging Leaders Award, a new initiative to recognize the outstanding leadership and contributions of emerging professionals within organizations.

The Emerging Leaders Award aims to honor professionals who embody excellence, integrity, and innovation, regardless of their age or position within the organization. By highlighting these rising leaders, we are committed to showcasing the diverse spectrum of leadership that drives organizations forward and advocating for greater recognition of emerging talent.

We believe that this new award will not only highlight exceptional emerging leaders but also inspire others to strive for excellence and innovation in their own roles. I am excited to see the incredible leaders who will be recognized through this award and look forward to continuing our tradition of celebrating diversity in all its forms.

James R. Rector
Founder & Publisher
Since 1999

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Nomination Deadline:
August 2, 2024

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