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The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

By Tisa JacksonVice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Union Bank, N.A According to the 2010 U.S. Census, by mid-century, racial minorities (African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans) will be the new majority. As the U.S. majority population shifts into the minority position, the approach of diversity and inclusion professionals needs to adjust accordingly. We… Read the full article

Diversity Networks Build an Inclusive Environment

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzz words at American Express – they are business imperatives. By having a diverse and inclusive organization, we strengthen our competitive advantage which is critical to achieving our vision of becoming the world’s most respected service brand.

Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Change

Organizations that strive to maintain a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining top talent must foster a workplace where all employees can succeed.

Bolstering Engagement Through Employee Networks

by Robert Powers Senior Vice President, Human Resources Textron Systems Corporation Recruiting and retaining the best talent is a business imperative setting up a tug-of-war in which companies target the same finite resources to fill key positions. This is particularly true in the defense industry, where Textron Systems is constantly on the lookout for people… Read the full article

Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: Stacking the Deck for Success

Survey responses suggested four major areas on which organizations should focus to counter pessimism embedded in men’s pre-training attitudes toward D&I programs.

Opting In

Understanding why women lawyers leave law firms in disporportionately high numbers, Lorelie Masters asks all to “opt in” to encourage a level playing field for all lawyers.