Team Leadership Award

Profiles in Diversity Journal 2024 Team Leadership Award

Profiles in Diversity Journal® is excited to introduce the Team Leadership Award, a prestigious addition to our esteemed lineup of leadership awards. This award is designed to recognize and celebrate the power of collaboration and the remarkable achievements of teams in driving success and innovation.

Why Teams Matter

In today’s dynamic work environment, teamwork is essential. Successful teams harness diverse talents, foster creativity, and achieve goals that individuals alone could not. Recognizing teams for their leadership not only boosts morale but also encourages a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

Award Details

Each winning team will be featured with a two-page spread in our magazine, highlighting their unique contributions and the collective impact they’ve made. This recognition not only honors their achievements but also serves as a testament to the importance of teamwork in today’s world.

Join us in celebrating the teams that make a difference. Apply to be part of this exciting new chapter in recognizing leadership excellence!

Deadline Information:

DEADLINE for Nominations:
September 27, 2024

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* Application fee will be returned if your candidate is not selected.