Diverse Lawyers Making a Difference Award

Profiles in Diversity Journal 2024 Diverse Lawyers Making a Difference International Award

With this award, we are highlighting prominent diverse lawyers making a difference in diversity, inclusion, and equity within their law firms, and for their clients and communities. The profiles that will appear in the pages of Profiles in Diversity Journal® will showcase their achievements in all areas of their legal practices, including pipeline issues, the need for mentoring, leadership, LGBTQ+ rights, access to justice, and more.

While progress has been and is being made, more work is needed. Lawyers who are leading and showing the way deserve our recognition and have earned our respect. This award affirms that “differences” are valuable in achieving positive diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.

Who Are these Outstanding Individuals?

Nominated by employers or colleagues, Diverse Lawyers Making a Difference are confident, determined, high-performing, purpose-driven professionals who create value for their coworkers, customers, community, and of course, the organizations where they contribute their talents.

Throughout its history, Profiles in Diversity Journal® has recognized thousands of men and women from around the world who are making a difference. The profiles that will appear in this important edition will recognize and celebrate our Diverse Lawyers Making a Difference awardees, and enhance the reputations of the organizations that encourage, empower, and support these trailblazing individuals.

Deadline Information:

DEADLINE for Nominations:
September 13, 2024

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* Nomination fee will be returned if your candidate is not selected.