2020 Women Worth Watching® Nominations Now Open!

2020 Women Worth Watching Nominations Now Open!

Profiles In Diversity Journal - Winter 2019-2020 Issue

Fall 2019 –
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Fall 2019 Issue

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Summer 2019 –
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Summer 2019 Issue

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Spring 2019 –
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Profiles in Diversity Journal Spring 2019 Issue

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Profiles in Diversity Journal 2020 Diversity Team Award

2020 Diversity Team Award

Accepting Nominations Through April 17, 2020

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Profiles in Diversity Journal 2020 Diversity Team Award

2020 Women Worth Watching® In Leadership Award

Accepting Nominations Through May 1, 2020

Nominate Today!

Innovations in Diversity Awards

Innovations Awards Winners Announced!

16th Annual Top Ten Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Winners Announced

Innovations 2019 Awards Winners

Featured Articles

MUFG: Creating a Winning Culture

Can a large, conservative bank change its culture? Particularly one with more than 360 years of history? MUFG, the world’s fifth largest financial group, is taking a page from the playbook of more nimble, innovative companies, such as those in the technology sector, and undergoing a massive culture change in…

Accelerating Innovation through Strategic Diversity Management

By David L. Casey, Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, CVS Health Organizations are recognizing the importance of strategic diversity management more than ever before, because research is showing that companies with the ability to attract and engage a highly diverse workforce see higher levels of innovation and…

The Mother Bias: A Reality for Many Women Who Work and Have Children

By Crystal M. Brown, Communications Strategist and Advisor During my second pregnancy, a colleague asked if I was planning to exit the workforce and stay home with my young children. When I answered no, he said I was “totally clueless or going to be a really bad mother,” and that…

MicroDeceptions & the Halo Effect

By Stephen Young and Barbara Hockfield In the world of diversity and inclusion there are the good, the bad, and the invisible. More often, the good and the bad are easily observable and managed. The invisible behaviors tend to not present themselves in such clear and tangible form. Exposure to…

6 Make or Break DEI Decisions

By Janet and Gary Smith, Ivy Planning Group Perhaps your organization is new to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) or simply wants to re-energize its DEI efforts. Here are 6 Make or Break DEI Decisions you’ll need to get right: 1. Who leads the effort? It’s a difficult job that…

A Fresh Cup of Tea: What the Nutcracker Can Teach Us about Inclusion

By Phil Chan, cofounder of Final Bow for Yellowface Archival photos courtesy of Ballet West It’s Nutcracker time again: the season of sweet delights and a sparkling good time for all—if we’re able to ignore the sour taste left behind by the outdated and unimaginative cultural stereotypes so often portrayed…

The Inclusion Habit

By Amanda J Felkey, PhD This evidence-based solution transfers inclusion work to the individual, and focuses on changing behaviors and habits. The program is designed to help individuals be proactive in making their behavior more inclusive through six habit-building phases—embracing that inclusion matters, understanding biases and their sources, dispersing the…

Why Isn’t Tech More Inclusive?

By Teresa Fausey Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. – Steve Jobs So, why is it that in tech, and perhaps to a lesser extent…

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