Profiles in Diversity Journal 2020 Diversity Leader Award


12th Annual Diversity Leader Awards

Profiles in Diversity Journal presents its annual Diversity Leader Award to organizations that are advancing the evolution of diversity and inclusion, and the Diversity Officers who help them achieve that goal.

Companies that are Diversity Leaders continually use the expertise of their diversity team in new ways to help them meet the challenges of today’s business environment. In these organizations, the work of the diversity officer is regarded not as a series of programs, but as a strategy for change.

For more than two decades, Profiles in Diversity Journal has been in the business of recognizing the exciting and ambitious people, initiatives, and programs that support the success of diverse workforces across the country and around the world. We have also been witness to tremendous change in our work environments and markets due to globalization, technological advancements, and shifting demographics.

Change has truly become an inherent and integral part of organizational life. And today, the most successful companies in the world rely on their diversity managers and teams to help them respond to this change.

The companies and people we celebrate in our 12th Annual Diversity Leader Awards issue are those that view both challenges and opportunities through the lens of diversity and inclusion as a means to achieving business success.

We welcome your submission and hope to see you among our Diversity Leaders for 2020!

James Rector

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Award Status: Closed

Sorry, we are currently no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Diversity Leader Award. Nominations will open in September 2020.