Profiles in Diversity Journal 25th Anniversary
Working Remote and Professional Mobility for Women
By Crystal M. Brown, APR I started working remote in 2018. After spending a decade in an office, I found myself setting up my workspace just 10 feet from my bedroom. That was only three years ago, but remote roles were few and far between. Then 2020 happened, and... Read more
The D&I Journey in Italy: How Far Have We Come?
English Italian By Claudio Guffanti, Founder of Unlimited Views Back when I began to study Diversity and Inclusion topics, I noticed a trend with Italian companies unaware of the intrinsic commercial value that D&I provides. Likewise, I was unable to find training courses in Italy that I considered worthwhile.... Read more
How to Keep the Allyship Momentum Going Beyond the Headlines
By Angela Peacock, CEO of worldwide diversity and inclusion training consultancy PDT Global When diversity and inclusion movements such as Black Lives Matter are in the news, people are quick to join in and show their support—whether by attending marches, wearing badges, or writing blogs. But the hard work... Read more
Will Diversity and Inclusion Fall Prey to Covid-19?
By Angela Peacock, CEO of worldwide diversity and inclusion training consultancy PDT Global With whole workforces being furloughed or made redundant—and companies clamping down on anything they see as nonessential spending—will diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace join the list of coronavirus casualties? After all, far too many... Read more
The Inclusion Production Function How to Overcome the Pitfalls of Programming and Policy
By Amanda J Felkey, PhD Thousands of companies in the U.S. and around the world are trying to make their workplaces more inclusive. Evidence that a sense of belonging can bolster effective teamwork, fuel innovation and boost profits has prompted many companies to devote resources to enhancing inclusion. The... Read more
Hiring Future Leaders: 3 Ways Financial Services Organizations Can Achieve Diversity Today and Cultivate the Leaders of Tomorrow
By Keisha Bell With Women’s History Month behind us, we have paid tribute to the many women leaders across politics, science, and the arts that have shaped our world today. And a crucial part of preserving their legacy is positioning the next generation of women to be leaders who... Read more
Women in tech reveal the biggest challenges they face
By Lori Österholm While ‘being taken seriously due to gender perception’ remains the biggest challenge women in tech face, there has been a 14.6% decrease in women experiencing this issue (2018 to 2019.) 27.1% of women in tech said the ‘glass ceiling’ is worse now than ever before. ‘Equal... Read more
8 Top Tips for Talking to the C-Suite about Inclusion and Diversity
By Angela Peacock, CEO of worldwide diversity and inclusion training consultancy PDT Global Executive-level buy-in is crucial if inclusion and diversity initiatives are to flourish within an organisation. Top-down support is invaluable – but getting the ear of senior executives can be easier said than done. So I’ve put... Read more
Doing DEI Better in the Workplace
By Dr. MarYam Hamedani, Dr. Hazel Rose Markus, and Dr. Paula Moya Organizations today are grappling with how to put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into practice successfully. Many Fortune 500 companies now have dedicated chief diversity officers, who are charged with implementing DEI strategies. In other organizations, human... Read more
Diversity and Inclusion in Retail
By Ian Johnston, Founder of Quinine The impact of diversity and inclusion on your physical store strategy Driven by a shift in consumers’ expectations, Diversity and Inclusion are becoming increasingly more important for businesses globally. Does it really matter that this is a response to commercial pressure or a... Read more