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The mission of Profiles in Diversity Journal is to deliver workplace diversity and inclusion experiences, ideas and solutions to diversity practitioners working in corporations, nonprofits, military and government agencies, and educational institutions through research, news and feature articles and surveys of industry leaders. Profiles in Diversity Journal is a quarterly magazine launched in 1999, focusing on senior leadership, best practices, case studies, workforce diversity strategies, and recognition of employee contribution.

All articles should provide useful information and creative ideas that readers can apply to their own work in diversity and inclusion. Our readers are busy people facing multiple diversity challenges each day. This means that all articles should be easy to read and succinct. The following guidelines are designed to help writers meet our reader’s needs.

1. Write in a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth and respectful fashion.

2. Avoid industry jargon or academic language. Define acronyms and abbreviations.

4. Be concise and to the point, especially on background information.

5. Avoid passive sentences.

6. Use sub-headings, bullet lists, and sidebars to make your article attractive and easy to read.

7.  [For Industry Professionals]: Be honest about your organization’s diversity challenges. Remember that this is colleague-to-colleague. We all share similar concerns. The issue is not whether you have diversity challenges but how effectively you address them and how others can learn from your experiences.

8. Provide useful information. To do this, your article should answer the following questions:

  • What is the issue/problem you are addressing?
  • What real life examples illustrate the issue/problem?
  • How did you address the problem? (Be specific enough that readers could apply your solution to their own challenges.)
  • What have your results been? How did you measure them? What would you do differently?

9. Examples, examples, examples. These make your article come alive.

10. [For Industry Professionals]: Provide creative ideas and suggestions. Remember, you get more positive PR through being helpful than by “tooting your own horn.”

11. Provide charts and graphics to clarify numbers or models/concepts.

12. Submit only original materials. Your original article should be approximately a minimum of 500 to 1,500 words. Remember that we cannot publish articles that have already appeared in other periodicals or publications.

13. Please remember that Profiles in Diversity Journal owns the copyright to your published work.

14. Profiles in Diversity Journal uses the Chicago Manual of Style. Please follow accordingly.

15. Include quotes whenever appropriate.

Submit articles / commentary / write-ups, photos and complete contact information to:
James R. Rector
[email protected]