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Army Vet and Founder of The Billions Institute Sets Out to Create Real Change

by Teresa Fausey After 13 years of service to her country (as a West Point graduate and US Army officer) and her fellow citizens (as director of the 100,000 Homes Campaign), Becky Kanis Margiotta is taking on a new challenge. It seems to be in Becky’s DNA to lead, educate, support, and encourage others to… Read the full article

Social Media Tool Helps Recruiters, Job-hunting Veterans Connect

For Veterans looking to connect to recruiters and other job-seeking Veterans with insight to share, there’s a tool to put in your belt. A social media site—one dedicated to doing just that—has just upgraded its connection tools so that Veterans can be easily identified by recruiters, as well as find, follow and confer with other… Read the full article

25 of the Most Influential Companies for Veteran Hiring

25 of the Most Influential Companies for Veteran Hiring Thanks to the commitment made by organizations across the country, more of America’s former service members are going back to work. Thanks in no small part to initiatives by both federal and private sector employers, the veteran unemployment rate dropped to 5.3 percent last year —the lowest level since… Read the full article

CVS Caremark: Committed to supporting our nation’s heroes

CVS Caremark celebrates diversity among its 200,000 colleagues. In particular, the company recognizes the value of military service and knows that the skills and experience our nation’s veterans possess are unparalleled. With millions of service members transitioning out of the military over the next few years, CVS Caremark has committed to continuing its long-standing tradition… Read the full article

“Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment” in the U.S. Navy

We at PDJ join the U.S. Navy and the nation in celebrating Women’s History Month during March. Navy Women by the Numbers Currently more than 59,000 active-duty women, and more than 9,000 Reserve women, serve in the Navy. Making up 18 percent of the total force, women make numerous contributions to our Navy’s mission and… Read the full article

Developing National Assets

Any audience starts with three assumptions or questions when someone speaks in any setting about any topic. The listener wants to know: Why is this person speaking about this topic; why are they qualified to speak on it; and finally can this person say anything to change what I already think or know about the topic?

Reconnaissance Mission

American Corporate Partners Clears the Path to a Successful Transition by Connecting Veterans to Business Leaders.

Building Bridges with Got Your 6

Got Your 6 is a campaign uniting the entertainment industry with veteran-focused nonprofits to bridge the civilian-military divide and start a new conversation that will ensure that veterans and military families are seen as leaders and civic assets.

Veterans Find a New Way to Serve

Teach For America puts the power of returning veterans to work in our nation’s classrooms.

The Power of a Single Hour

Give an Hour’s network of volunteer mental health professionals helps veterans deal with the psychological effects of combat.