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Resilient D&I: How We Have to Revise, Rethink, and Realign Our Work

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer As D&I experts, we have always advocated change, based on a thorough look at hidden dynamics and taking into account changing contexts. While we see many signs of progress and real success, a number of worrying and even threatening elements have become part of reality. Public assaults, aggression,… Read the full article

Diverse Teams Are Great—but not Equally for All

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer The latest academic study about team diversity adds some depth to existing insight. Yes, diverse teams create superior results. However, this sometimes happens on the backs of those who aided the benefit. A study by Michigan State University and University of Michigan researchers shows that individuals (!) on… Read the full article

Reporting D&I Mostly Equals Representation Numbers

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Annual reports provide opportunities to talk about D&I progress and success. While large corporations do so regarding their D&I commitment and activities, they have been—for more than ten years—more modest when it comes to publishing D&I numbers. Benchmarking, transparency, peer pressure, or employer branding—there appear to be many… Read the full article

Measuring the Success of D&I (the What and the How)

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer How could companies measure the success of their D&I work, and which types of success would have to be defined in the first place? Over the years, different paradigms have emerged and each has its implication on D&I implementation and communication. For some, success in D&I means increasing… Read the full article

Research Says: Without the Right Mindset, Targets Don’t Work

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer The belief in D&I targets is almost as strong as the resistance they often create. Based on new large-scale, international research, experts now confirm that consistent, business-based sense-making will create the acceptance required to make targets a success. What does it take to turn diversity into business benefits?… Read the full article

Public Bias: Which Criminals Are Mentally Ill and Which Are Terrorists?

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer One day after the tragic fatal attack on Mayor of Gdansk (Poland) Paweł Adamowicz, many media outlets spread allegations about the “reported” mental illness of the attacker. What messages do we recall from other attacks? And how is it relevant for corporate D&I? Understanding the motive(s) of a… Read the full article

The Affinity that Working Internationally Does Not Change

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Exposing yourself to differences is known to contribute to reducing biases. Following this thought, researchers tested the role of nationality in interpersonal relationships among expats. They found significant interplay. It serves as an ideal test laboratory: The expat community in the United Arab Emirates. There, researchers applied a… Read the full article

Quantifying Hidden Biases against Women in Management

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Two new studies paint an alarming picture: One shows a strong increase in xenophobia; the other shows that true attitudes towards women in management positions are much more negative than usual surveys indicate. A study from the University of Duesseldorf (Germany) quantifies, for the first time, the “social… Read the full article

The Gaps that Female Managers Do Not Close

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Will more women on boards lead to more equality in an organization? Or do multinational teams promote intercultural relationships? While some numbers support such linkages, deeper research provides a more sophisticated picture. Current representation data published by the European Commission show that gender equality progresses in countries where… Read the full article

Evidence about Online Gender Bias and How to Avoid it at Work

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Empirical analyses of YouTube, Instagram, and online music videos show that the presence of women focuses on stereotypically feminine topics and formats, while overall, they are underrepresented. Companies can avoid a toxic spill-over of online gender bias into the workplace. If you believe that men and women are… Read the full article