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Cultural Sensitivity: The Underrated Ingredient to Successful International Business Relationships

By Shweta Maniar I’ve been fortunate to have a global role that allows me to travel internationally for work. Over the years, this has not only provided me with an opportunity to gather souvenirs but also invaluable business insights. What I’ve learned is that each country has a unique approach to conducting business. Just as… Read the full article

A Human-Centric Workplace: 3 Ways to Prioritize Diversity in a Digital Age

By Austin Wolcott As I was recently researching a breaking news topic in the pharmaceutical world, I had a tangential thought. I identify as a gay man, and I was understanding the unwritten but clear implications that this event would have for the LGBTQ+ community – particularly those with lower income – but I began… Read the full article

Storytelling is a Strategic Superpower

By Mohan Sivaloganathan Keep the personal and the business separate. It’s time to retire this antiquated script for achieving success, because today’s workforce of Gen Z and Millennial leaders are designing a better and healthier approach before our eyes. I vividly remember a moment that taught me how making the work personal is imperative to… Read the full article

Being a Successful Black Attorney

By Robert A. Robertson with Dechert LLP I am a partner in the financial services group at Dechert and chair of the firm’s Black Professionals Alliance (BPA), Dechert’s Black affinity group. The BPA includes the firm’s Black attorneys and, as of last year, also our Black business services professionals. The BPA focuses on mentoring, nurturing… Read the full article

Activating Imposter Syndrome’s Untapped Allies: How Men Can Help Women Thrive

By Wema Hoover, Former Chief Diversity Officer, Principal & CEO Be Limitless Consulting, LLC Throughout my career, I have benefitted countless times from the wisdom and support of so many caring women mentors. They took the time out of their days to give me advice, advocate for me, “block and tackle” when necessary, and help… Read the full article

Unlocking Success: The Competitive Advantage of Diverse Boards

By Christine Miller In the 2020s, the vast majority of corporations are at least talking the right talk when it comes to the importance of diversity. But we still don’t always see that reflected on corporate boards and in the rooms where the major decisions are made. That’s my take-away from a recent study that… Read the full article

The Power of Evolved Leadership

By Stephen Young Many thanks to Profiles in Diversity Journal for asking for perspectives on my latest book, The Power of Evolved Leadership. At its heart, the book takes a scalpel to many of the dusty cliches and aphorisms that have guided leadership practices for decades. In part, the book suggests redirecting the use of… Read the full article

Representation Matters: Busting the Bamboo Ceiling for Asian Americans

By Alissa Hsu Lynch It’s Time to Address the Asian American Leadership Gap is a thought-provoking perspective on how to break the “bamboo ceiling” in corporate America as an Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI). Hsu Lynch shares her personal experience and concrete advice on how AAPI’s can fight against bias and stereotypes, build relationships with… Read the full article

Spotlighting Oracle’s OWL: Delivering a Mission for Women Leaders

By Traci Wade, Group Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Oracle The tech sector has long been known for a lack of women and minority representation, particularly in senior leadership positions. Within the industry, for instance, only 52 women are promoted to manager for every 100 men. However, at Oracle, there is hard work and… Read the full article

Beyond the Optics: Getting the most out of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) External Advisory Boards

By Dr. Rohini Anand External diversity, equity and inclusion advisory boards (DEIAB) are not yet widely used: In Seramount’s 2020 Index, only nine percent of participating companies had an external DEIAB – up from eight percent in the 2019 index. However, the ones that exist are highly visible, in part because they often are composed… Read the full article