HEADQUARTERS: McLean, Virginia
WEBSITE: www.boozallen.com
BUSINESS: Consulting
REVENUES: $5.5 billion
TITLE: Senior Associate
EDUCATION: BA, Virginia Union University; MA, Marymount University
WHAT I’M READING: Start with Why, by Simon Sinek
INTERESTS: Cooking and spending time with family and friends

What lessons have you learned from business relationships?

I have learned two key lessons from business relationships: For people to trust you, you must reveal your intentions. Focus on relationships. Relationships open the door to creating change that would not exist.

Are there any organizations that you or your family has been a part of that benefitted

As a child, I always attended church with my parents. That experience resulted in a strong foundation in faith that has served as a real anchor in my life.

How do you give back to the African American community?

I look for ways to give back through individual mentoring and serving as a positive role model to future African American leaders.

What do you think is the greatest issue or dilemma facing the African American community today?

Understanding our individual purpose continues to be our greatest opportunity within the African American community. When we fully understand our purpose, we can find true happiness and success!