HEADQUARTERS: Washington, D.C.
WEBSITE: www.faa.gov
BUSINESS: Federal government agency
REVENUES: $15.9 billion
TITLE: Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights
EDUCATION: BA, North Carolina State University; MS, The George Washington University; Professional certificate, Facility Management, George Mason University
INTERESTS: Travelling, helping others, and listening to audio books

Strong>What lessons have you learned from business relationships?

You can’t be successful without having healthy business and interpersonal relationships. That means having clear communication with your colleagues—both peers and employees—being honest, and remaining flexible. You must realize that you have to work together as a team to achieve mutual goals. No matter what, you can’t lose sight of the mission. Lastly, treat everyone with respect—not just those in high-level positions.

How do you give back to the African American community?

In addition to my fundraising activities for a foundation that supports several initiatives in the African American community, I mentor youth in math and science and help them secure educational scholarships. I also serve as an advocate for students with disabilities when they need representation. I support local schools by providing food, clothing, and school supplies. My colleagues and I attend school fairs to introduce students to myriad careers and to teach them to dream big.