HEADQUARTERS: Melbourne, Florida
WEBSITE: www.harris.com
BUSINESS: International communications and information technology
REVENUES: $5.5 billion
TITLE: Vice President, Human Resources, RF Communications Division
EDUCATION: MBA, University of Rochester
WHAT I’M READING: How Will You Measure Your Life?, by Clayton M. Christiansen
INTERESTS: Singing, reading, community service, hanging with my family

Are there any organizations that you or your family has been a part of that benefited you?

Undoubtedly, it’s been church. I grew up attending weekly services. When I was a kid, my best friends were the ones with whom I attended Sunday school and sang in the choir. Those days are still with me. I learned everything I needed to know about public speaking, building great relationships, and when to follow and how to lead by participating in Sunday school plays, leading choir songs, and participating in the youth programs.

How has the civil rights movement affected you personally?

No question about it that it has. I grew up listening to the stories of my grandparents and parents, all the while thinking that I must do something meaningful, otherwise, their struggles will be in vain. Living in St. Louis, I knew what parts of town I was not welcomed in, and having my first real manager job in Knoxville, Tennessee, as the only African American on the management team taught me a few lessons I will never forget.