HEADQUARTERS: Davidson, North Carolina
WEBSITE: www.ingersollrand.com
BUSINESS: Diversified industrials
REVENUES: $14 billion
TITLE: Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology, Industrial Technologies
EDUCATION: BS, University Polytechnique in West Africa; MS, Politecnico di Milano; MS, Renssalear Polytechnic Institute; MBA, Rennssalear Polytechnic Institute; Certificate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
WHAT I’M READING: The 5 Levels of Leadership, by John C. Maxwell
INTERESTS: Studying cultures including languages, and designing solutions to scientific and technological problems

What lessons have you learned from business relationships?

Business relationships are rich; they provide a source of knowledge and new experiences, especially when interests are similar. Business relationships bring individuals with many diverse experiences together to solve problems and increase the value delivered to customers.

What are you proudest of in your life?

I’m most proud of my wife for all that she gives without expecting anything in return. She supports numerous children around the world, providing private educations for many who would not receive schooling otherwise.

How do you give back to the African American community?

I speak about cultures and share my perspectives on business and world situations to educate African American youth in a variety of settings, including religious organizations.