Letter to President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States

Dear Mr. President:

Please allow me to extend warm and sincere congratulations on your re-election this past November. Your victory was hard-won and demonstrated the importance of appealing not just to one’s base, but to the citizens of this nation as a whole. A house divided cannot stand, a reality that makes your firm yet nuanced approach to leadership especially compelling. It was reaffirming that your leadership style of collaborative engagement echoed throughout the halls of businesses across the United States. In a survey series administered by The Diversity Axiom, the research arm of True Blue Inclusion, 900 executives, business leaders, and change agents representing a cross section of industries were polled on their opinions regarding which administration, Romney or Obama, would do a better job addressing a number of the nation’s most pressing concerns. The issues, which included religious freedom, international diplomacy, employment and social programs, were presented as balancing acts. Respondents viewed your administration as the one most likely to be successful in the handling of these challenges in an effective and balanced way. These matters are intrinsically linked and the survey supported that decisions cannot be made in isolation.

These thought leaders, many of whom operate as chief diversity officers (CDOs), are committed to building a diverse, inclusive society where individuals are treated with dignity and respect as well as be optimal contributors in a free marketplace. CDOs recognize and support the ideal of diverse populations being best for a company’s bottom line. Their role includes creating and fostering an inclusive brand experienced by both employees and clients. They own a wealth of insight tackling the very same social challenges the country faces in building a more civil society. As you prepare to execute your agenda for the next four years, the following is offered for your consideration:

• Position the U.S. as the foremost leader of diversity by strategically supporting agendas, programs, and companies that exhibit inclusive behaviors

• Situate the U.S. to rise in the ranks as a global powerhouse by stressing the importance of cultural competency amongst Americans and other nations

• Demonstrate high priority for a prosperous business community by making diversity and inclusion your strategy for a high-performing America

Recognizing the enormity of the tasks at hand, we are confident that your legacy of being a great president will be applauded by your achievements in growing our economy, providing opportunities for our citizens and residents, keeping America safe, and fostering relationships that promote hope and peace abroad.

Best wishes to you throughout your second term!


Catherine C. Smith
Founder, True Blue Inclusion

The Diversity Axiom was created to offer D&I thought leaders a polling tool that provides a platform for their expertise to be heard nationally and globally. For more information and detailed results, please visit www.trueblueinclusion.com.