HEADQUARTERS: Houston, Texas
WEBSITE: www.nasa.gov
BUSINESS: Government
TITLE: Director, Office of Procurement
EDUCATION: MBA, Texas Southern University
WHAT I’M READING: 42 Rules for your New Leadership Role, by Pam Fox Rollin
INTERESTS: Youth mentoring

What do you think is the greatest issue or dilemma facing the African American community today?

The need to improve the life outcomes of the African American male economically, educationally, politically, and socially. As the mother of two African American males, I am aware that African American males need special attention in order to advance in life. I seek ways to assist in keeping black men and boys out of the prison system, to ensure that they complete high school and college, and that they are employed and participate in family life.

Are there any words of wisdom you would like to pass along to our readers?

In preparing to be a leader or manager, remember that doing a good job is not enough. You need to be social—let others get to know you and become comfortable with you by attending company events after work and doing lunch. Know people at all levels of the organization. Being a leader extends beyond your technical discipline. Your leadership and management skills can be applied in any situation, so think about how you can contribute to the success of your organization outside your normal area of responsibility.