HEADQUARTERS: Naperville, Illinois
WEBSITE: www.officemax.com
BUSINESS: Office products distribution
REVENUES: $7.1 billion
TITLE: Senior Director Corporate Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management
EDUCATION: MS, Roosevelt University
WHAT I’M READING: Use your Brain to Change your Age, by Daniel G. Amen
INTERESTS: Travel, reading, healthy living, fashion, film, music

What lessons have you learned from business relationships?

In order to build and nurture good business relationships, you must deliberately learn as much as you can about the people and their interests, focusing more on character and personality rather than corporate status or job titles. This helps create an inclusive environment.

What are you proudest of in your life?

Successfully completing an international move which required learning English as an adult, and raising three children as a single parent while growing professionally.

Are there any organizations that you or your family has been a part of that benefited you?

My church. Its outreach program helped my family and I build and appreciate our community.

What do you think is the greatest issue or dilemma facing the African American community today?

Education. In order for African Americans to compete for jobs they need to be educated, but education is not affordable and parents who are not themselves educated do not always fully understand the opportunities that education can bring.