John H. Graham IV

John H. Graham IV
President & CEO, ASAE

Headquarters: Washington, D.C
Primary Business: Nonprofit/association
Revenues: $35 million
Employees: 135

Extensive D&I Efforts Culminate in New Tool

It should surprise no one that one in every three Americans is a part of our nation’s vital association and nonprofit industry. Whether as an employee, a member, a volunteer or a donor, at the heart of our community are people—researchers, innovators, mentors, and communicators—whose experiences and hard work collectively create a stronger America and world.

Our 21,000 members seek the best and brightest talent, coming to ASAE for four reasons: knowledge creation, professional development, advocacy, and community. One way ASAE helps Americans find jobs is through our CareerHQ website, which is managed by our for-profit subsidiary ASAE Business Services. CareerHQ showcases jobs throughout the association and nonprofit community in America and around the globe. Members and nonmembers can also participate in webinars and career coaching to aid in their job search.

In virtually every business sector and industry across the country, associations mobilize millions and fuel economic growth, and I can’t imagine that working without diversity and inclusion (D&I).

In today’s competitive global environment, CEO leadership in D&I has never been more critical—or complicated. D&I is not a one-time conversation. It’s a signal of organizational relevance and survival. The numbers are important, but we also need to help frame a way to achieve D&I competency across many levels. And forward-thinking executives also must understand the business case as a rationale for action.

As ASAE’s CEO for the last nine years, ASAE’s Office of D&I has focused on inclusive leadership, not labels. Over 1000 members and volunteers in support of our D&I

Committee have contributed to the creative thinking and implementation of ASAE’s D&I initiatives including: crafting a diversity statement, a business case statement, an organizational audit, strategic plans, a one-day leadership summit, a two-day conference, a pilot program for future board leaders, staff development initiatives, initiating domestic partners benefits, content and conversation kits, securing funding for our work, Diversity Executive Leadership Program, multicultural marketing and outreach efforts, and five years of research on diversity management practices that work in associations.

All of our D&I efforts have resulted in ASAE creating the first online diagnostic tool for associations: The Association Inclusion Index. It is a multiple choice survey about D&I policies, philosophies, and practices that offers associations strategies and solutions (not scores) for inclusive excellence. It’s launching in spring 2013. I am excited for our future.

Education: BA, Franklin & Marshall College
First Job: Boy Scouts of America
What I’m Reading: Employee Engagement 2.0: How to Motivate Your Team for High Performance, by Kevin E Kruse
My Philosophy: Sweat the small stuff and the big stuff.
Best Advice: Stay relevant
Interests: Grandchildren