Michael W. Lamach

Michael W. Lamach
Chairman & CEO, Ingersoll Rand

Headquarters: Swords, Ireland
Website: www.ingersollrand.com
Primary Business: Industrial
Revenues: $14 billion
Employees: 46,000

ERGs Essential for Finding Diverse Talent

Our first priority as a global company is to meet our customers’ needs with the best products and services possible. As we do this, we become more competitive and are able to further grow our operations in the U.S. and around the globe.
Having engaged, talented employees ensures our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations. And helping Americans obtain the skills required to qualify for in-demand jobs is an enabler of our success.

For example, finding skilled candidates in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) space is critical for Ingersoll Rand. The U.S. manufacturing industry is expected to face significant talent challenges in these fields as baby boomers retire. This is because fewer members of Generation Y are pursuing STEM careers. I am involved with industry associations and organizations that promote the advancement of STEM, and Ingersoll Rand supports STEM education. Obtaining STEM skills and pursuing careers in these fields opens great opportunities for the next generation of American workers.

Another way we help Americans find jobs is by recruiting veterans of the armed forces through our U.S. military veteran recruiting. Many specialties in the armed services—such as logistics and supply chain management—map directly to job positions at Ingersoll Rand. Our Military Recruiting Team is composed of former military personnel who can match candidates with available opportunities.

As a major global employer, we look for employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents, and skills. Given the pace of change in the world, the growth in emerging markets and the increasingly varied needs of our customers, a diverse workforce is essential. This diversity spurs innovation, enabling Ingersoll Rand to respond to customers with new products and services that they need and want.

Ingersoll Rand’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in helping us fill positions with diverse talent. Our employees in these groups talk with their neighbors, friends, and families across the United States about working at Ingersoll Rand. They know the skills we need to succeed and can help others become aware of opportunities. Our ERG members are diverse in their thinking and experiences, and are active in professional and civic organizations. They become some of our strongest advocates for simultaneously finding qualified candidates and helping us foster a progressive, diverse, and inclusive organization.

Through efforts like these, we help Americans gain job skills that are in demand in the marketplace, and we are better able to build our own workforce with the most qualified talent. As we do this, we will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and be an innovative leader in the marketplace.

Education: BS, Michigan State University; MBA, Duke University
First Job: Sales engineer
What I’m Reading: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard; World Without End, by Ken Follett
My Philosophy: Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are.
Best Advice: Don’t worry about the next job. Focus on delivering results and new opportunities will come to you.
Interests: Spending time with family, boating, golfing