Company: Halliburton
Innovation: Real Women. Real Careers.
Date Introduced: 2013
Award Recognition: Top Ten (#6)

Halliburton has launched a campaign in 2013 to develop a new sense of awareness around females in STEM fields, centered around promoting awareness of the industry to young girls, opportunities to college students, and areas of improvement in their industry.

Every initiative requires a solid foundation internally to ensure success. In 2012, Halliburton launched employee
training to educate managers on unconscious biases and how to overcome them in the work place. With the completion of the interactive training, Halliburton was able to launch its gender diversity campaign, starting with outreach programs to young girls. The company has partnered with universities to bring awareness of STEM fields to children as young as first graders. This effort was made possible through employee volunteer participation, university relationships, and funding from the Halliburton Foundation.

Halliburton has also launched a professional development series for college-level Society of Women Engineer chapters, increasing its presence at gender-based events by 39 percent in one semester alone. They focus on interactive team work activities, female engineer panel discussions, and more. This program earned them a finalist position in the NACE Innovation Excellence Award for Diversity.

For professional women, Halliburton has partnered with Catalyst to host two industry events focusing on why women get fewer of the “hot jobs” needed to advance and engaging men in gender initiatives.

Through its internal newsletter, Halliburton highlights the real life stories of female engineers, including the challenges they face and how they overcome them at work and at home.

Additionally, Halliburton has launched a media campaign focusing on print and digital media for publications
in the STEM and diversity arenas. This also includes social media outreach. With a focus on Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, and YouTube, they have reached an audience of over 250,000 users.