Company: American Airlines
Innovation: Air Compassion for Veterans Partnership
Date Introduced: 2010
Award Recognition: Top Ten (#7)

American Airlines (American) sponsors numerous community initiatives to support the military, their families, and the greater community.

In 2010, a partnership between American’s Fuel Smart and Veterans Initiatives departments was established with Air Compassion for Veterans (ACV), a nonprofit organization that helps active and retired U.S. military veterans and immediate family travel for medical, counseling and rehabilitation needs.

ACV receives funding from American by the fuel-saving efforts generated from American’s pilots, flight attendants, ramp workers, gate agents, and dispatchers. Employees are the central and key components of implementing and contributing to the success of this initiative.

The program is designed to benefit the men and women who serve the nation, employees who come together in an effort to save fuel, and the environment by saving fuel and thus reducing the impact of our environmental footprint.

The employee groups have collectively saved enough fuel to donate over $3.5 million to ACV. Subsequently, ACV has flown over 5,000 wounded warriors, veterans, and their families for medical and rehabilitation purposes. They have also reduced the usage of over 8 million gallons of fuel.