Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Innovation: Staying Connected Across Borders
Date Introduced: 2013
Award Recognition: Award of Excellence

To address the challenges of operating as a unified firm across geographic and cultural boundaries, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) employee forum engaged leadership in the region to plan a virtual event, Staying Connected: Best Practices from the Abu Dhabi Office. The goal of the event was to address challenges and opportunities in building professional networks that promote effective crossborder collaboration.

To tailor the panel discussion to the collaboration challenges experienced by staff in the region, the MENA Forum conducted a survey designed to gain a better understanding of the regional staff’s working environment. The survey results highlighted resource needs, cultural nuances, and preferred collaboration tools. Accordingly, panelists discussed virtual networking solutions and technological tools that have proved to be effective in strengthening crossborder working relationships.

Presentation materials were shared live with over sixty staff in attendance from all over the globe including United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the United States.