Company: Deloitte
Innovation: Proud To Learn
Date Introduced: 2013
Award Recognition: Award of Excellence

Developing LGBT leaders is an innovative corporate idea, as companies are becoming increasingly aware that many LGBT employees are ready to lead and advance their career but face barriers preventing them from taking a leadership step.

To help break down those barriers, Deloitte Canada has partnered with The Humphrey Group to develop a unique program. Building on their Taking the Stage program, which was designed to help women become leaders, they built a similar model for LGBT employees, Proud to Lead.

All attendees are introduced to the fundamental principles of leadership communication. Participants are shown how to capitalize on their leadership opportunities by articulating strong, clear messages in every interaction.
The program was recently piloted in Toronto March 2013 and was met with enthusiasm.

Deloitte is planning to launch the program firm-wide this summer. They will also be working closely with other Deloitte offices across the globe (in particular the U.S. and Australia) to expand the program and The Humphrey Group to offer the program to clients.