Company: Lincoln Financial Group
Innovation: Educating & Training: How to Build Trusting Relationships with Female Investors
Date Introduced: 2012
Award Recognition: Award of Excellence

Lincoln Financial’s Women’s Business Resource Group (BRG) recognized that men and women think and engage differently on the subject of financial and retirement planning. As such, their goal was to ensure the organization educated and trained wholesalers, financial advisors, other client-facing employees, and strategic partners on effective best practices for communicating and building trust with female clients, all with the goal of increasing engagement levels.

Supported by executive leadership and the Women’s BRG, the initiative incorporated several resources for implementation. The first was an educational video featuring Lisa DeSimone, senior vice president and head of Finance and Strategy, Retirement Plan Services, designed to help engage and motivate women in retirement plans. The second, a toolkit, addressed a variety of issues, including factors to consider when working with female clients, attracting and retaining female clients, a women’s guide to budgeting for the future, and steps to empowering female investors.

In addition, at least four seminars were held in the last six months to help educate individuals on how to connect with female investors. Lincoln Financial has also partnered with two organizations to help deliver the message and raise exposure: Women In Financial Services (WIFS) and Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER).