Company: Saskatoon Health Region
Innovation: Pathways: IEHP Support, Bridging & Integration
Date Introduced: 2011
Award Recognition: Award of Excellence

As the provincial lead of Pathways: IEHP Support, Bridging and Integration, Saskatoon Health Region’s primary goal is to support internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) employed within Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in Saskatchewan to successfully bridge into their health profession.

As of March 2013, 334 participants from across the province were registered with the project. Each participant is offered one-to-one and group support.

Two project consultants guide participants through profession-specific processes for credential assessments and language requirements. They also provide referrals and resources to address gaps in knowledge and skills while supporting IEHPs on their path to licensure. They also help them successfully integrate within a Canadian healthcare environment.

With language emerging as the number one challenge for the majority of participants, project activities were developed with language enhancement in mind. Additionally, to provide an opportunity for individuals to interact and share experiences while enhancing English language skills, an IEHP Peer Network was launched.