Company: Cigna
Innovation: Cigna Diversity and Inclusion 2.0
Award Recognition: Honorable Mention

In July 2011, Cigna introduced a Diversity and Inclusion program that supports Cigna’s Go Deep, Go Global, Go Individual strategy in the U.S.

The intent of this program is to:

• Attract and retain a workforce that helps build customer-centric capabilities and leadership

• Deliver value proposition in ways that recognize and value the unique qualities and differences of individual customers, and creates new value for clients through increased productivity, better health outcomes, and reduced costs

• Address cultural competence in partnerships because they help grow and retain customer relationships

• Create new value in community giving through engagement of talented human capital

A dedicated Diversity and Inclusion team supports the engagement of more than 2,000 employees in the newly developed Cigna Colleague Resource Group (CRG) structure. The CRGs are generating value through active communication channels that includes (but is not limited to) collaborations sites, webinars, white papers, and conference presentations.

• CRGs are helping develop the future leaders of their businesses. All CRG leaders have expanded their responsibilities or assumed new leadership roles in the organization

• Clients invite them to participate in their diversity leadership efforts

• Eighty-five percent of employees surveyed indicated they understand the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in customer centricity, which is a key Cigna focus

• Their Virtual CRG developed an internal innovation process for their executive leadership team. Their work was a significant input into the final innovation plan for the company. Additionally, the Virtual CRG team consolidated internal innovation work into one source allowing cross-area collaboration. These key deliverables contributed to the continued growth of the culture of innovation at Cigna

The following are awards showing the success of their D&I programs:

• 2013 Human Rights Campaign Equality Index score of 100
• 2013 Urban League of Philadelphia Vision Award
• 2013 Hetrick Martin Institute award
• 2013 Latino 100, list of 100 companies for Latino employees