Company: Ontario Public Service
Innovation: Developing Accessibility Plans
Award Recognition: Honorable Mention

The Ontario Public Service’s began by increasing all employees’ understanding of the benefits of diversity and accessibility. They launched a mentorship program, Quiet Rooms, and developed the award-winning OPS Inclusion Lens, a tool that helps staff integrate diversity and accessibility into their daily work.

This resulted in innovation across their organization. For example, one of their provincial parks developed accessible nature trails for persons with disabilities. A business line developed a more inclusive way of consulting and delivering healthcare services to Aboriginal peoples. Another developed a signature card to help people with vision and motor skill impairments to be able to sign government documents.

Inclusion Now!’s strategy is to invest in the capacity of our managers to become inclusive leaders and holding them accountable through performance agreements; strengthen governance structure for inclusion and requiring all twenty-six ministries to develop individual inclusion and accessibility plans; and implement a multi-year accessibility plan.