Company: Plan International Canada Inc.
Innovation: Fit for Purpose Recruitment Strategy
Award Recognition: Honorable Mention

Last year, Plan Canada was recognized externally as one of the “Top Ten Most Admired Work Cultures.” This sought-after award was won because of the organization’s greatest asset: its staff.

Plan’s diverse, talented, and committed community of employees were sought out and brought in by a “Fit for Purpose” recruitment strategy that aims to hire individuals who represent the communities served across sixty countries worldwide. This strategy involves tapping into hidden pools of talent that include individuals who may not be aware of Plan or its opportunities. The human resources and executive teams work diligently to find an ideal combination of people who best reflect organizational values: integrity, respect, inclusiveness, and extraordinary accomplishment. The result is a truly global group of staff that represents forty countries; speaks more than fifty languages; and has a 10 percent proportion of individuals with disabilities.

The intermingling of backgrounds, experiences, and skills has created measurably high levels of staff engagement and productivity. Over the seven years the “Fit for Purpose” strategy has been used; employee satisfaction surveys have revealed exceptional scores and thoughtful comments on how we the cohesive and successful work environment can be further strengthened. Openness to staff feedback and determination to integrate their voices into Plan’s operations has created a culture of honesty, flexibility, and appreciation for doing things differently.

Much of their staff stays for many years, becoming advocates and often referring and recruiting on their behalf when positions become available.

Their recruitment strategy can be summarized through five I’s: innovative, integrated, inspiring, inclusive, and impactful. They take utmost pride in a diverse and dynamic team, and their approach to creating this team has been lauded and even replicated in other Plan offices around the world.