Richard Mark Ameren Illinois CEO

Richard Mark’s personal philosophy is “to make myself a better person today than I was yesterday.” As chairman, CEO, and president of Ameren Illinois, Mark is responsible for gas and electric service delivery to more than 1.2 million electric and 806,000 gas customers in 1,200 communities. As a husband, father, and grandfather, he is dedicated to his family. Here is a look at the CEO throughout one “day in the life.”

6:30am My alarm is going off and already my mind is on today’s calendar.
7:15am Let the dogs out and filled their water and food bowls. Sat down for my morning cup of coffee with my wife. My grandson has arrived for her to babysit so I get to spend time with him as well. Need to review my notes for my staff meeting and think about what I’m going to say at our a/c giveaway event for the poor and elderly
7:30am Getting ready to head out the door. Say goodbye to my wife and grandson then off to work.
7:45am At my desk responding to emails and returning calls.
8:00am Sending emails to our business scholarship recipients to wish them luck on their week-long Minority Business Executive Program to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Ameren awarded both women a business scholarship as part of our two-day Supplier Diversity Symposium we hosted in St. Louis.
8:15am Enjoying a cup of coffee and conversation with our newest Communications Executive. I have found that it is more relaxing for new employees if we chat in a more comfortable setting instead of across a desk.
8:30am Meeting with staff to discuss logistics for our annual A/C giveaway. Reviewing my calendar, discussing a presentation that is due to the Board and signing various documents.
9:45am Arrive at the home of one of our very grateful A/C recipients to install the new unit. This is just one of the many ways Ameren Illinois gives back to the communities in which we work and live.
10:30am On my way to a meeting and spotted an Ameren Illinois crew installing a new transformer on a pole. Talked to the crew leader about worksite safety.
11:30am Attend EEO training session.
12:30pm Just enough time to grab lunch between meetings. At least it is not a boxed lunch today!
1:00pm Presenting at a Town Hall meeting with employees to give an update on our 2013 Strategic Plans and to get feedback from employees on ways Ameren Illinois can improve policies and procedures. These meetings have been very beneficial and have brought about positive changes in the company. We have received more than 150 suggestions/comments in the last ten months.
2:45pm Speak at Extraordinary Leadership Program. This is a program I initiated that provides our first and second line supervisors the skills needed to enhance employee engagement and build greater trust in AIC leadership. It is vital to communicate to all employees our strategies so they can help us reach our goals.
4:00pm Headed to a quarterly board meeting for the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department Merit Commission. Been on this board since 1997.
6:30pm Attend the Thompson Foundation for Autism Dinner Gala and Auction. Happy we can support the children and families affected by this disorder.
9:30pm Made it home. Switching gears now and spending time with my wife and call to check in on my kids and grandkids. Found out grandson broke his foot at school.
11:00pm One last check of my email then off to bed.