In a bold effort to drive global initiatives fundamental to the advancement of 3M’s culture of diversity and inclusion, and integral to the company’s growth and competitiveness, Rhonda Graves, Chief Diversity Officer, and Kim Price, Vice President, 3Mgives, have formed a new collaboration. In her newly expanded role, Ms. Price will direct and lead several employee resource networks intended to help every member of the 3M team understand and work with the diverse customers and markets the company serves. The networks also offer professional development and leadership opportunities for employees, and provide support for 3M’s recruiting and community outreach activities. Her positive reputation across all 3M communities will lend strong focus and support to the organization’s goals, and help continue to build a positive image and reputation.

Global Women’s Leadership Forum Launched

Recently, 3M established the first global Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) and created a new position to develop the strategies, structures and priorities for this new organization. The advancement of women leaders has been a business imperative for 3M in the U.S. and around the world for some time. Increasing the number of women in leadership roles is a global opportunity that involves the interaction of complex social, business, and cultural factors that are important to consider in reflecting the customers and markets 3M serves. The Global Leader and Strategist for the Women’s Leadership Forum will concentrate the company’s efforts to improve the pipeline of female candidates for leadership roles around the world, both by developing talent within 3M and through intentional recruiting strategies meant to advance a culture of diversity and inclusion, which is vital to continued growth and competitiveness.

New Philanthropic Strategy, 3Mgives

A new philanthropy and community engagement strategy recently launched by 3M, called 3Mgives, will enhance the company’s ability to improve the lives of even more people around the world and in local communities. The new strategy will help 3M increase its geographic reach, while continuing to support local communities, increase opportunities for brand building, and create shared value for 3M businesses and community partners. As the 3Mgives strategy rolls out, the company will focus its efforts on education, community, and the environment. (3Mgives replaces the company’s previous philanthropic program, 3M Community Giving.)