At Accenture—a global organization with 275,000 employees in 54 countries—workplace culture is directly influenced by six core values, especially Respect for the Individual, Stewardship, and Integrity. There is also a strong focus on inclusion and diversity.

Teaching and Learning about Diversity

As Accenture grows globally, creating new ways to equip employees with the resources and information they need to work effectively across cultures is increasingly important and training is central to these efforts. Of the more than $850 million Accenture spends each year on employee training, a substantial amount is used to educate its workforce in the areas of inclusion and diversity. For example, the company offers a series that examines how unconscious bias may affect promotions, assignments, and succession planning, as well as a series on disability inclusion.

Understanding the Millennial Generation

In organizations around the world, workforces are changing as more members of the millennial generation come on board. To better understand Gen Y expectations, Accenture conducts research that will help the organization better understand what these new employees need and want in order to build successful careers and lives.

In particular, Accenture uses annual International Women’s Day research to gain insight into this important segment of the workforce. Gathering and analyzing data from more than 30 countries, the company discovers differences not only among Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y, but also between women and men in these generations. This information highlights changing expectations, as well as generational similarities. For example, research shows that people from all three generations increasingly want to define success for themselves, instead of simply climbing the traditional “corporate ladder.”

Using these insights, Accenture created a global women’s platform called Defining Success. Your Way. The platform shows how women define success in their professional and personal lives and features Accenture women from around the world who serve as role models for other employees. Their stories provide valuable opportunities to learn how smart choices can lead to achievement and career success.

As Accenture moves forward, the company will continue to focus on helping employees work across borders and team with colleagues who may have disabilities or varied working styles.