During the coming year, Ameren will look for opportunities to engage the company’s Diversity Ambassadors, as well as Employee Resource Group (ERG) leadership. These efforts will include a major summit that features educational speakers and training. Ameren’s Diversity Council will meet with Ameren’s Executive Leadership Team for a joint strategic planning session. A full gap analysis will be performed and best practices reviewed at its annual Diversity Council Retreat.

New Techniques, New Programs, New Partnerships

The company has implemented several industry-leading ideas for engaging and including its workforce in diversity and inclusion education, conversations, and outreach efforts. By employing new techniques, developing new programs, and partnering with new people to raise awareness and provide tools that effectively engage its workforce in inclusion efforts, Ameren will maximize performance and productivity.

Sending the Diversity Message

Communication is crucial to the success of any diversity program. Ameren’s 2014 communication initiatives
will include the following:

  • Further development of Employee Resource Groups (ERG), including support for outlying locations
  • Support for local Diversity Steering Committees working in concert with the Ameren Corporate Diversity Council
  • Ameren Diversity Media Clips (DMC) quarterly training designed to build a more inclusive work culture
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Workshop to increase employee understanding of interactions with diverse colleagues and customers
  • Annual recognition banquet to honor employees who make an outstanding effort in the areas of diversity and inclusion
  • Specific diversity and inclusion classes around micromessages and generational differences in the workplace
  • Bimonthly diversity newsletter
  • Forum where employees can ask questions, express concerns, and receive feedback regarding Ameren’s diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Bimonthly Ameren Corporate Diversity Council meetings that include at least one CEO
  • Tracking and reporting of quarterly hiring, promotion, termination, and retention data for all types of employees in every business line
  • Scholarships and educational programs to better prepare minority and female candidates for potential employment at Ameren
  • Partnerships with and support of organizations that help foster more diverse and inclusive communities