A recognized leader in diversity and inclusion (D&I) for many years, Booz Allen embraces the idea that inclusion drives innovation, engagement, and improved business results.

The D&I Summit

To maintain its status as a diverse employer of choice, the company recently took steps to reshape its diversity and Inclusion strategy for 2013 and beyond. C-suite, senior market executives, D&I professionals, and a cadre of industry experts convened a “D&I Summit” to chart a course forward. The participants noted where progress had been made, identified areas where progress had stalled, and recommitted the firm to D&I priorities for the future. The summit fully positioned D&I as integral part of the C-suite agenda, renewed Booz Allen’s focus and allowed the organization to develop a fresh vision and roadmap for the next three years that would engage leaders and staff across the firm.

Taking Three Key Steps

Next, the group took the following three steps to ensure that the summit was the start, not the finish, of Booz Allen’s D&I strategic efforts:

  1. The group focused on and engaged key diversity constituencies, and reestablished comprehensive governing bodies (Diversity Agendas) made up of top-level executives and D&I leaders; aligned employee forum groups (EFGs) with their respective agendas for increased guidance, support and engagement; agenda and forum activities were then aligned to the new D&I strategic roadmap to optimize efforts and drive desired D&I results
  2. The group met with market leaders to review the roadmap, collect feedback and gain buy-in, to ensure more deliberate messaging and involvement of the most senior leaders
  3. The group shared the roadmap and D&I messages in communications with our staff to ensure a clear approach to building a D&I tradition and adherence to the company’s core value of inclusion

Immediate results included an increase in forum participation, cross-forum activities, participation of senior most leaders as keynote/panel speakers at national diversity conferences, and a video from Booz Allen’s CEO in support of National Coming Out Day.

So, what’s next for Booz Allen? The organization is achieving a higher level of excellence in D&I with a fully aligned group of D&I professionals, leadership, and staff committed to creating a workplace where people of all backgrounds can thrive and feel supported in an inclusive environment, and where all employees can bring their authentic selves to work every day. For Booz Allen, this is much more than a vision statement. This is the Booz Allen way.