As Caesars Entertainment Corporation grows and expands into new markets, the organization continues to integrate its cognitive diversity model into all internal learning and development efforts across the enterprise, and to enhance and promote its corporate culture as one of inclusion-driven opportunity. In new and potential business locations (including Cleveland, Ohio, Baltimore, Maryland, and Boston, Massachusetts), Caesars strategically engages and encourages local communities to take an active part in capitalizing on new opportunities for economic inclusion in areas such as purchasing, employment, design, and construction services, as well as community reinvestment.

Opportunities and Challenges in 2014

Subscribing to the cognitive diversity approach, Caesars seeks to take maximum advantage of opportunities for improvements and leverage challenges to drive best outcomes through diversity and inclusion. Expanding into new geographic areas has opened doors of exploration into new and enhanced community engagement models. Objectives, such as helping to grow local women, minority, disadvantaged, veteran, disabled, and LGBT business enterprises through formal mentor-protégé programs, will both help Caesars and spur local small business growth as the company enters these new centers for commerce. Next year’s most complex opportunity will involve fine-tuning the organization’s programs and processes with scorecard enhancements and even more innovative management reporting paths.

Topics and Trends

The gaming entertainment industry is on the cusp of major change as Internet gaming continues to work its way toward legalization in various United States jurisdictions. Caesars Entertainment Corporation recognizes this huge opportunity and continues to take an industry leadership role in both the rollout and prudent regulation of this business. This, coupled with an enhanced focus on using diversity and inclusion to drive better business outcomes through big data, will be a key consideration as the company moves forward.