Ronald Wood

Ronald Wood
Vice President, Underwriting, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


I am pretty good at building strong relationships with others, which his critical in business. No one person can do it alone and working in teams can produce better outcomes. I love bringing people together who have different thoughts and ideas that I alone may not have. The synergy that a team approach generates can yield some very positive fruit.


I like to lead initiatives with a spirit of inclusiveness, making sure that when working on projects, all involved have a voice and the opportunity to contribute. Participatory leadership serves as a great motivation tool as people will work harder if they feel like they are a valued member of the team. Coupled with appropriate recognition for solid performance, employees will perform at a very high level so that business goals can be reached or even surpassed.


I am a cofounder of the Organization of Black Alumni at my alma mater, Wayne State University. Through this organization, we developed mentoring programs and scholarship opportunities for young men and women pursuing educational opportunities at the university. I am also a strong supporter of the African American Employee Resource Network called Blue ACTS (African Ancestry Committed to Success) at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. My role as an ambassador and advisor to ERN leadership is not only supportive, but also very rewarding and energizing for me personally.


From my experiences, I have learned that people have varied perspectives, thoughts, and ideas that are a reflection of the many different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds that make us who we are. When working together as a collective unit, the diversity and inclusiveness that define each one of us can produce some amazing results.


My advice to young men and women starting their careers is to work hard, listen carefully, ask questions, be respectful and welcoming of everyone’s thoughts and ideas, and don’t be timid about expressing yourself.