Tameka Taylor

Tameka L. Taylor, PhD, CDE
President, Compass Consulting Servics, LLC


My faith is one of my greatest strengths. It allows me to step back, analyze a situation calmly, problem solve, and utilize the resources around me to handle my business and the people that I work with as I pray constantly. My business has been built on faith and was the biggest leap of faith that I have taken. It was a very calculated risk that was lessened because of my faith. While I am strategic and intentional about most of what I do as a business owner, it is my faith that guides me every day.


My Mother has always served as an inspiration to me and still does, even though she passed away many years ago. I watched her raise my brother and me as a single mother on a teacher’s salary. No matter how tough it got, she always looked at things from a positive perspective, including during her 12-year battle with breast cancer. She exposed us to as many experiences and diverse people as she could to help us to grow and develop. She also encouraged us to think of others and how we could make their lives better. She was a super parent, woman, friend, humanitarian, and Christian.


I motivate others in a couple of ways. First, by being a role model for them. My goal is to “walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” so I lead by example. I share my stories of the obstacles and challenges that have helped me develop into the person I am. I feel strongly that everything we experience helps us be who we are and provides us with testimony we can offer others. Second, I think it is important to show people I believe in them, and give them opportunities to learn and develop. So often we are our own worst critics, and need to know that others believe in us. I have seen this help build confidence in others, which leads to motivating them to take risks.


I give back in a couple of different ways. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I feel it is my duty to give back. I do this by volunteering through my church, sorority, and other community groups. I also serve on two boards of organizations that assist people in need and mentor high school and college students, as well as young professionals. Mentoring allows me to directly impact their lives and assist with their unique needs and concerns. It also helps me grow. When I am unable to give of myself and my time, I try to contribute financially to the community, even if it’s a small amount. Every little bit makes a difference.


Maintaining balance is always a challenge for me. To me, balance is about being focused on our whole selves—God, mind, body, soul, relationships, family, career, and community (in no specific order). I put the different aspects of my life into categories and make sure they all get their time each week. I’m driven by my calendar and my dry erase board in trying to maintain that balance. Sometimes, when it all gets out of whack and I’m overwhelmed, I stop and take a deep breath or two and pray that I do better the next time. Then, I reprioritize things to achieve a healthier balance.