Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson
Corporate Department Associate, Gibbons P.C.


My work ethic is my greatest strength. A strong work ethic can help an individual overcome any disadvantages or deficiencies. In my profession, I am confronted with complex issues that aren’t easily understandable at first impression. However, my willingness to spend the time and effort it takes to decipher and resolve these issues is an essential requirement to the corporate practice of law and has helped me advance in my career.


There are several issues that negatively affect the progress of African Americans, including unemployment, single parent homes, and the adherence of our impressionable youth to negative stereotypes portrayed in pop culture. However, the most critical issue, in my opinion, is the lack of focus on education by those in lower socioeconomic circumstances. Education is one of the most important tools for social advancement.


I have learned that if you are patient in life, as well as in your career, things tend to break in your favor. For example, as a corporate transactional attorney, I have worked on a number of acquisitions and have learned that a little bit of patience can alleviate many issues associated with such deals.


I try to maintain balance by organizing and planning my daily activities, and adhering to a regular exercise schedule. I run 10 miles a day before work in order to mentally and physically prepare myself for my daily responsibilities. I also make sure that I speak to at least one of my family members on a daily basis.


For those embarking on careers as corporate attorneys, I would suggest they choose a specialty area within the general corporate law practice. Once they have selected a specialty area, the next step is to develop a relationship with a partner who also specializes in that practice area, in order to learn the nuances particular to that specialty.