How do you measure your organization’s diversity success? What should you do to reach inclusion goals? Where can you look to gain insight regarding these issues?

Co-authors Alan Richter and Julie O’Mara have been answering questions like these since 2006 in their series Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB), one of the most comprehensive tools available for identifying diversity and inclusion best practices. Breaking each book into thirteen essential categories, the authors and their 80 expert panelist contributors analyze every aspect of workplace diversity, including leadership and accountability, and social responsibility.

Until now, this information has only been available in printed editions. However, thanks to the sponsorship of The Diversity Collegium, GDIB is now accessible as a free download.

The Diversity Collegium—a think tank of practitioners, scholars, and leaders whose mission is to advance the field of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) through dialogues, symposia, research, and publications—has been active in the field for more than two decades. The nonprofit addresses the developmental stages of D&I and how to effect change among individuals, teams or groups, and organizations.

This new partnership enables GDIB to increase its visibility and begin planned fundraising for research projects within the next several months. Read more about the sponsorship and future of GDIB here.