They’re petty demands, really…equal pay and maternity leave. Who needs ‘em?

Not Andrea Kieffer. The Minnesota State Representative (R) dismissed legislation that would raise minimum wage, introduce paid sick leave and family leave policies, and address the gender pay gap, saying these “special bills” make women “look like whiners.” Kieffer believes fighting for female-focused bills costs women their respect in the workplace.

Minnesota House Majority Leader Erin Murphy (D) responded, “Too often women are branded as ‘whiners’ when they challenge unfairness in our laws and society. I would bet a lot of people said Susan B. Anthony was a whiner when she fought for the right to vote.”

In Minnesota, women earn 80 cents for each dollar earned by men, on average. Nationally, the number is 77 cents. By age 65, the average woman will have lost over $400,000 over her working lifetime because of the earning gap.

The progressive group Alliance for a Better Minnesota has posted an audio clip of Kieffer’s statement and circulated a petition asking voters to denounce it.