Anne Pramaggiore

Anne Pramaggiore
President and CEO, ComEd

Headquarters: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
Education: DePaul University School of Law; BA, Miami University
First Job: Substitute “paper boy”
What I’m Reading: The Generals by Thomas E. Ricks
Best Advice: Leadership is personal.

Living our mission

ComEd believes in the case for a diverse workforce and an organizational culture that not only includes but embraces diverse people, experience, and perspectives. Diversity will power our 21st century prosperity.

While the 20th century economy was fueled by manufacturing and mass production, the global economy of the 21st century is driven by ideas and customization. We have moved from Henry Ford’s mass production of Model T’s to Steve Job’s smartphone customized through thousands of application choices. In the context of a market economy that demands innovative and increasingly custom solutions, the diversity of the workforce—with a breadth of backgrounds, experiences, and perceptions—combined with an environment that exalts difference will, quite simply, dictate success

ComEd has a unique connection to this case for success. As part of a quickly evolving industry, we have a great need of creative problem-solving talent. This demands a diverse workforce bringing unique experiences to bear. Further, we are a business that serves every person and every community in our service territory. We do well when our communities do well, and only when they do well. ComEd must have all communities represented and empowered within our company if we are to understand the needs of and truly serve our customers.

A diverse workforce and an environment of engagement comes down to culture—a strong sense of who we are as a company. Developing this culture requires the leadership and investment of everyone in the company. ComEd employees lead by establishing the vision, and the investment is the commitment we make every day through every task that embracing difference is the way we work—this is who we are.

ComEd’s company mission is “Powering Lives,” and creating a culture that nurtures diversity and embraces difference is one big way we live our mission.