How many faucets are in your house? Let’s say you have sinks in three bathrooms, your kitchen, and your laundry room—and they’re all within two floors of each other. If one sink stops working, you walk down the hall to another.

But what if your entire neighborhood shared one sink and it stopped working?

This is the reality for 50,000 communities in Africa, where one out of every three wells is broken.

Diane Keesiga, a water engineer from Uganda, remembers watching men in the village struggle to fix broken wells. Though organizations came to aid her community by providing access to clean water, villagers were never taught how to fix the new systems when they would break down. Diane learned how to repair broken well equipment and now manages a training program for men and women in western Uganda that teaches well mechanics. Through this program, new jobs are available, and the entire community has access to clean water.

Hear the story from Diane:

UNITED FOR CLEAN WATER IN UGANDA from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.

Last year, The Adventure Project and One Day’s Wages partnered to rebuild a well in Uganda alongside Diana. This year, their aim is to restore 23 wells—creating 46 jobs and providing nearly 6,000 people access to clean water. Donations for the new wells can be made here.