Donna Ikeda
Donna Ikeda
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Franklin Templeton Investment

My Greatest Strength

Developing my “EQ” (emotional intelligence) has given me the ability to work with all types of people, respect different perspectives, and be more effective, especially in the global workplace.

Who Inspires Me

Many people have inspired me—bosses, employees, and colleagues. They all consistently demonstrate characteristics that have motivated me to do the best I can; they take pride in their work, respect others, are open to new experiences, and always strive to do the right thing.

Our Most Critical Issue

“Over assimilation”—in other words, becoming so integrated into American society that our cultural heritage is diminished or lost; with each generation it is more difficult to maintain traditions. Another critical issue for our community is making sure the priority placed on the family unit always remains first.

Lessons Learned

Don’t wait for the next career opportunity. Find a need or identify a problem in your company and figure out a way you can help to address it. My most gratifying and valuable career “steps” have not been formal jobs, but opportunities created by filling a “need.”

My Best Career Advice

Always try to leave a place or situation better than when you arrived.

My Favorite Quote

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
– Gandhi

…because it all starts with the individual.