Haritha Mitakanti
Haritha Mitakanti
Global Inventory and Procurement Applications Manager, Ingersoll Rand

What You’d Be Surprised to Know about Me

I played professional ping pong growing up.

My Greatest Strength

My ability to simplify things and connect with people. These qualities enable my team to perform to the best of their abilities and express themselves freely.

Who Inspires Me

Mahatma Gandhi: Leadership–Helps me to lead with conviction, instead of simply going by the book.

Mother Teresa: Compassion for mankind–Reminds me to try and be kind to people and help where possible.

Vivekananda: Self-empowerment–Empowering self and others is a continuous work in progress.

Elon Musk (Space X): Risk Taking–This is a new spark, yet to ignite. Try to take small and calculated risks.

The Model Minority Myth

Asians are typically stereotyped as academically successful people and sought for highly skilled jobs, but often not considered for leadership positions, either due to self-imposed restrictions (risk averse/avoid politics) or lack of certain abilities (salesmanship/communication). At times, I feel like I have hit the ceiling in terms of my advancement and have had to acknowledge that in order to advance I need to figure out the gaps, constantly learn/unlearn, and work towards improving. Other times the stereotype has worked to my advantage, because I bring different perspective to the table. Thanks to the Progressive, Diverse and Inclusive initiative at Ingersoll Rand, employees are encouraged to embrace difference cultures. The initiative also provides a platform for employees to network and improve their skills.

Our Most Critical Issue

There are not many Asians in leadership roles. Organizations are becoming more global and diverse, and need representatives from various backgrounds. It is up to each individual to make him- or herself marketable for those roles.

Lessons I’ve Learned

People are the key resources in every organization. Processes build the path to successfully meet organizational goals. If you hire the right people for the right jobs and develop processes at every level that meet your organization’s goals, you’ll ensure success.

My Best Career Advice

The sky is the limit! Plan your career and personal life, and strike a balance.

My Favorite Quote

“Health is Wealth”

It’s a simple fact, and should be first in everyone’s life and career plans, for without this, nothing else is possible.