Linda Zhang
Linda Zhang
National Leader of KPMG’s U.S.–China practice, KPMG LLP

What you’d be surprised to know about me

I’ve always wanted to be a pastry chef (although I am not going to give up my day job anytime soon for it).

My Greatest Strength

My relationship-building skills. These skills are critical for leading and building teams that serve our clients. By building good relationships with and between each of our team members, we’ll serve the client more effectively. These skills also help me better understand client needs and issues, which results in better client service and oftentimes more business.

Who Inspires Me

Former People’s Republic of China leader Deng Xiaoping. He was a visionary, as well as strong and courageous. His economic reforms—which opened up China to foreign investment and business—laid the groundwork for the country’s robust economy today. His reforms were not popular at the time, but he had a great vision for what the country could become. His example motivates me daily to consider the bigger picture I’m trying to achieve, rather than just the task in front of me, and to not be afraid to make bold decisions

The Model Minority Myth

It’s a stereotype. And it’s never good to put someone “in a box.” It certainly can impact the jobs that Asian/Pacific Americans are considered for. It can also impact which careers Asian/Pacific Americans are likely to pursue if the jobs are deemed “unconventional” according to the stereotype. I have been affected by this myth at times, even though I am in a profession dealing with numbers! Ultimately, our own convictions are more important than what other people think.

Our Most Critical Issue

I believe we need to get more active and involved. For example, we need more Asian/Pacific-American leaders in the political realm to give us a “voice” on important issues.

Lessons I’ve Learned

Communication is a key to success in every aspect of life!

My Best Career Advice

Work harder and smarter. Going above and beyond at work will make you stand out, and utilizing the various tools at your disposal can help you do it more efficiently. Constantly think of ways to improve processes and add value.

My Favorite Quote

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
– attributed to Vince Lombardi and others

I grew up in China and came to America—the land of opportunity. But this quote rings true for me, because I know I have to work hard to capitalize on the opportunities that exist.